About Me

Can we just take a second to appreciate that my dog and I are making the SAME FACE in that photo above?? 

Okay, so you’re here – there, rather – sitting at your computer or scrolling on your phone, taking a minute to yourself even though you have about 9,382,274 responsibilities and tasks and various other very grown up things. You might even be feeling a tad guilty about the time you’re spending not doing the other things and the fact that just before this you were reading about Taylor Swift’s latest feud instead of getting that recipe you opened your browser to find.

Sister. I am so glad you chose to spend a superfluous second with me.

Because I am over here – there, rather – in the middle of bath time with one or more of my four kids or trying to throw dinner together at 6:30 because I am terrible at planning meals or I’m reading Skippyjon Jones for the 1,394,283 time. Or I am wasting time on someone else’s instagram or googling some random aspect of the enneagram/whatever life-threatening ailment I am currently convinced I have. Also maybe I know everything there is to know about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s tumultuous few years and I think that woman is a goddess and their babies are perfect amen.

So we’re basically twins.

I don’t know how you got here, but I hope what you find brings you joy.

So this is a little personal, a little messy, excuse the clutter. This is a little like walking into my living room on a Monday afternoon. This isn’t a Mommy Blog or a Christian Blog or a Homemaking Blog or a Nutritional Blog (ha!) or a Political Blog. This is just me with a cup of coffee and an iPad. I don’t have an axe to grind and I’m not selling anything, but I do so appreciate your attention to my heart – do so hope that yours feels safe here.

You might find contradictions – I’m finding that I contradict my younger self a lot so check the date. 😉 I’m learning and growing and re-painting the walls frequently so bear with the fresh and scuffed up paint.

And yeah, there’s a little dust… I don’t write on a schedule (maybe someday) so it can be a bit sporadic here. But I’m around (writing hundreds of drafts that will never get published) so if you fancy conversation or want to leave a jot of your heart here please do. I love learning from fellow travelers.

Oh, and I can get mushygushycorny – like calling us travelers… in life… I’m a bit of a sentimentalist. 😉

So thanks for the company! Keep the mug and come back soon. <3