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    I officially post more rough drafts than actual pieces. I could lie and pretend this trend is purposeful – I am letting you into my process, I am being super transparent, I am whatever and stuff, but actually that damn publish button is like a magnet or something and I keep hitting it on accident.  So sorry to have filled your subject line with basically nonsense TWICE in like a week. I will try to publish an actual thing soon…. Be encouraged I am working on it and now you have proof?? Not that anyone is waiting for me to post anything because you people are aware that I am…

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    Something Small

       I wanted to be a missionary for a handful of years, did I ever tell you that? I spent a good amount of formative time in a culture which offered few acceptable options for young girls. I could choose between being a teacher in a Christian school, a pastor’s wife or a missionary[‘s wife]. Getting married was a given and it was tolerable to be the wife of a layman so long as we were faithful to our local gathering. There was an uspoken heirarchy of life choices and the most obvious were at the top. Even our language belied our bias – there were those who “served,” who…

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    To You: The One Reading This From Your Inbox

    So… thanks. Like, really, thank you. I’m always a little surprised when I get a notification that someone is following this blog because…. where do you blessed people come from? Maybe this is weird. Sorry. Thanks anyway. Take my awkward gesture of love, please. You can always throw it out when I leave. It gets a little messy over here sometimes. And a little heavy…. Okay, a lot heavy. And sometimes I get sentimental because children come with hormones and I already had a suitcase of nostalgia before they got here. And you have probably seen more of my heart than you really volunteered to see, right? Like when you…

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    Why I'm Okay With All the Elsas

    My daughter was Doc McStuffins this year for Halloween. She picked it before she ever saw the show because she liked the idea of being a doctor. Probably because whenever her doctor visits us it’s a happy time. Well, probably more because you have to listen to doctors. 😉 But I saw one other Doc McStuffins on Halloween night. The main costume? Exactly the one you saw most, too. Queen Elsa from Frozen. Followed by Princess Anna. And a bunch of little brother Olafs. And this year I’m a mother of a three year old who has a mind of her own. Who is growing up in a culture full…

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    Salvation | Emmaus Writer's Group

    My beautiful friend Jessica (of Happily Ever Housewife) and I have started a “writer’s” group for artists of all kinds to gather and share and be. We are meeting every other Wednesday (in real life) and if you live in the area and want more information please just ask! We hope to foster creativity by being a fun, safe, loving place for people to share their hearts. And we also hope to keep this open to ALL kinds of expression. So you can write, draw, paint, dance, sculpt, sing, whatever! Even if you feel inspired by someone else’s work and want to share it, do that! We’re taking prompts from…

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    To Start a Busy Day

    It will be a busy day. A day of work. A full brim day. And by the end I will be done. (At the start of it, I’m done). Today will be a busy day. And I just had to stop to say. That through the busy and the stress Through the sorting and the mess I am breathing in my Maker Indulging as a selfish taker All the love I can’t afford All the peace I don’t deserve. So let this busy day commence Cause He is here in all the stress. And though I may just lose my wits I’ll never lose this love that sticks.

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    An Open Letter to my Daughter | 3rd Birthday

    Honey Girl, Three years ago today you made me Mother, bestowing wider hips and thicker thighs and an eager crying impulse. You culminated all the growing, delight, anticipation and horrific pain into one glorious moment – one moment in which you commanded Heaven to touch the Earth and she obeyed with joyful submission. You came like a lightning bolt. You set my world on fire, sweet one. And the last three years have been a cursed blessing in which I have before me all the treasure of this life, but find myself so unworthy of it, so ill-prepared to guide you through this world. You deserve so much more than…

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    Goodnight, Children

    It’s that time of night when he is fighting sleep like a little warrior. Mission: stay awake forever. Tactic: gain sympathy. He will give in with pathetic whimpers of defeat as he falls into whatever babies dream about. And it’s that time of night when I let the Mommy settle a little. Netflix streams, junk food reigns, the fairy that gets this place tidy sometimes makes an appearance, and I cozy into the quiet. This is the time I get to process the day; even if that is by not thinking at all. And on good days and bad; the days she wouldn’t listen at.all, the days he won’t let…

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    Pride & Joy & Human Fishies

    She is my first born. She is cautious and thoughtful and is always, “Eli! No!”-ing to keep him out of harm’s way. She is a brave little diva and has no problem grabbing the mic after Sunday services to entertain the stragglers with a front-and-center song and dance. But when she’s in new situations she approaches humbly. You can see her analyzing and dissecting the situation before her. And she does so with such enthusiasm, she is often beaming even in her calculating. It’s an honor to see. So when we told her about the pool her face lit up and she fed off our excitement. She was giggling and…

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    Remember This

    Remember this. Remember when you couldn’t speak because the God of the Universe was holding you. When it hit you like a train that He loves you. When your prayers were answered in a conversation that started out annoying. When you lost your ground and couldn’t deny that a God who steps into time and space to reconcile an injustice done to HIM is the God who loves His creation like a Daddy. For we can call Him Abba, Father. Remember how amazing that was to you. How the thought left your cheeks stained in salt. How a Daddy loves without failing, how He is quick to forgive and has…